I grew up listening to people like Mel Blanc and Red Skelton, also listening to the talent of John R. Erickson as he read his books on tape and gave each of his characters their own unique voice. Listening to the amazing talent of these men made me want to be like them.  Shows such as Adventures in Odyssey gave me a great respect for voice over artists as well. As time went on I began to practice and play around with different voices myself. Loving to read books and tell stories, I gave each character its own voice trying to bring each one to life as I read. A few years ago I had several friends tell me that I should get into doing voice overs and the dream was born! Now with the support of my amazing wife and our newborn son, I have my own studio where I am making my dream happen!

I have a voice that has been described as very “friendly” and “real”. A voice that is easy to identify with; relatable and likeable. I have a warm, clear tone. Some one that is easy to listen to and is pleasant. Some one that is very marketable. I take pride in being some one that is easy to work with; working with the client to get the exact sound and voice for their project.



I have a state of the art home studio with top of the line equipment. I run ProTools software that is known as the industry standard. So whether you need me to work on site in your studio or mine, you can be sure that you will receive the best in quality and sound.